AdtU Scholarship Programs

The down town charity trust has always beleived that Quality Education should be within the reach of all sections of the soceity and no financial constraints should come in the way of true merit.

Keeping in mind this philosophy we have started the LARGEST SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM IN NORTH EAST INDIA providing multiple scholarships  in our institutions to provide benefits to meritorious students.

1. Admission Scholarship :  These scholarships are applicable based on the marks of the entry level examination like SEBA/CBSE/ISC etc.

Scholarships provided are as below :

Entry Level Scholarships
Percentage Marks Scored
90 and above

These Scholarships will be given as percentage discount on the Semester fees.

The scholarship will be provided to the students, on the subsequent semester, subject to they being able to maintain a certain Academic Performance, as laid out by the University

2. Result Scholarship : These scholarships are provided to the Toppers of the respective University's Annual or Semester Examinations. The scholarship can be upto 50% of the semester fees and will be valid for the semester subsequent to the one in which the result was scored.

3. Merit Scholarship : These scholarships will be provided to meritorius students, from relatively economically backward families. The scholarship can be upto 100% and will be decided case to case basis, by a special committe appointed by the University.  The Student has to provide documentation of his academic performance as well as family income and background.

The percentages for eligibility for the Scholarship may vary for non-regular students.The rules may be changed from time to time. Please contact Admission Office for further deatils on any Scholarships.

4. Sports and Extra Curricular Scholarships : The university also has provision for scholarships for sports and other extra curricular activities. Students who have represented their schools/colleges in any district, state and national championship may apply seperately for such scholarship. The activities can be, although not limited to, sporting activities like cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, athletics, boxing and even singing and dancing.The amount of scholarship will be decided based on the level of participation. If the student wants to continue such activity even during his university studies, based on his talent and scope, the university can support the student and even sponsor the student to the extent permissible by the governing body guidelines. This scholarship can also be clubbed with Admission and Result scholarship by the student if the student has good academic marks. The student has to apply to the admission offices with details of the extra curricular activity and also attach the relevant certificates and documents.

5. Free Seats : Despite all the above scholarships, the trust, felt that a certain section of the soceity was still not able to get access to the University. Starting 2011 the trust has decided to sponsor 50 seats every year absolutely free of cost. these seat will be issued to studenst from the economically weaker sections of the soceity and preferably BPL students. Theses studenst will be eligible for 100% Admission Fee and Tuition Fee waiver.

The final selection will be made by a select committe of the University.


Note: This Scholarship Programs is applicable for Indian citizen’s candidates only.

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