Vision, Mission and Core Values


AdtU strives for excellence in teaching-learning, research and outreach programmes where technology synergizes creativity for sustainably nurturing an academic and professional leadership that successfully reaches out in a spirit of openness, inclusiveness and service to the society.




  1. To cater to the diverse academic and professional needs of the people of the region and nation.
  2. To establish a centre for excellence in academic and research programmes.
  3. To develop a centre for excellent knowledge repository and disseminate knowledge.
  4. To produce creative and able work force as per the changing requirement of different sectors of the economy.
  5. To emphasize on research and development to tackle local and regional issues.
  6. To emphasize scientific studies for harnessing the potentialities of the regional and local resources.
  7. To contribute towards economic development of the nation through capacity building of human resources at different levels.
  8. To promote entrepreneurship development through innovation and incubation.
  9. To emphasize networking with other academic and research institutions of repute for human resource development.

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