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About dtCT

The down town Charity Trust was formed, by the down town hospital ltd., under a Deed of Trust, executed on 29th December, 1997, The urge to do something for the poor and deprived section of the society led to the formation of down town Charity Trust.

Apart from doctors, the members of the Trust include Engineers, Educationists and other professionals from various walks of life.

The down town Charity Trust is promoted by down town hospital ltd., the first corporate multi speciality hospital in North Eastern India. It has a distinguished name in the healthcare industry, serving the people of Assam and the North Eastern Region with its expertise for the last 25 years. It is the first institution in NORTH EAST to be NABH accredited in the Region.

The down town Charity Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are:

  • Dr. N.N. Dutta, Chancellor, Trustee
  • Mr. Joutishman Dutta, Managing Trustee
  • Ms. Gariasi Dutta, Trustee

The objectives of the trust are as follows :

  • Founding and maintaining hospitals, medical investigation and research establishment institution in India for offering facilities of medical relief to the poor, the sick and the suffering.
  • Establishing institutions and colleges for imparting education.
  • Dissemination of useful knowledge in medicine and other with this subject in view to assist deserving persons with opportunities for furthering their studies either in India or abroad by awarding scholarships, Fellowships or other financial assistance.
  • Creating facilities of working in coordination, collaboration and co-operation with the institutions or colleges, funds, bodies or authorities constituted or founded for purposes similar to this Trust in providing further avenues in matters of advanced studies and research in medicine and other skilled subjects.
  • Publication of literature on all aspects of health medicine and other allied subjects on no profit basis. The benefits of this Trust shall ensure to all sections of the public in India without   any distinction of religion, caste, creed, sex or other such consideration.


The down town Charity Trust seeks to realize its vision by :
  • Providing premium healthcare facilities to the economically weaker sections of the society.
  • Creating infrastructure to develop the human resource of the region.


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